TGIF: Thanking, giving …

superheroes of kindess

On Halloween, I stopped home for lunch and found this in our mailbox. I was feeling stressed out and it totally stopped at made me smile. (If even for only just a moment. Before I rushed back to work after inhaling a bowl of chili.)

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{Friday Links} Have a fun weekend


[Glacier taste test during kayak trip in Alaska. Tee hee hee.]

What are you doing this weekend? Alex and I are planning to hit up the Missoula farmer’s market. Might have to take a detour during our bike ride downtown, as the UM homecoming parade is also tomorrow morning.

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Linking like a champ: Olympics edition


That video clip? Awww…

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Fun Friday Links


A photo I took at the top of one of my mountain bike rides this week.

Here are some fun links to get your Friday off on the right foot and set you up for the weekend. I will be rafting and camping a lot in the coming days (photos to follow). What exciting things do you have in store?

This online 3D bike shop lets you customize every part of your bike (the price is better than you would imagine!)

Or a bike made of cardboard?!

A pretty cool clock craft project from Design*Sponge.

One of the many places I will be eating when in NYC this September… and here too.

And a place I already tried when in San Francisco (try one of their many incarnations of eggs benedict).

A funny take on conserving water.

This real life Olympic scandal reads a little like an Onion news article.

The bag that I am seriously considering buying.

Happy weekend everyone!!