TGIF: Thanking, giving …

superheroes of kindess

On Halloween, I stopped home for lunch and found this in our mailbox. I was feeling stressed out and it totally stopped at made me smile. (If even for only just a moment. Before I rushed back to work after inhaling a bowl of chili.)

My sister has also started doing the sweetest thing. She’s taken the acronym “TGIF” and spelled it out as “Thanking, Giving, Inspiring, on Fridays.” Her goal is to do some sort of random act of kindess on three out of four Fridays a month (cause, ya know, we all get busy sometimes…).

She shared her first act on Facebook last week: “I left this Halloween cookie at the desk of a helpful and overworked desk clerk at the DMV. (Although I was unsuccessful in getting a license, I was still thankful for the necessary info she provided for me.)” And today she left a few dollars with the barista at a coffee shop, to pay for the next person’s caffeine fix.

How sweet is that?!

Speaking of acts of kindness, in light of the recent Superstorm Sandy, I think I’m going to donate to the Red Cross.

And now that it’s November, I’m seeing “I’m thankful for…” posts on Facebook. Are you doing anything special this month to show your thanks?


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