Pinterest Wednesday (On Thursday): Full On Fall Fashion


Its getting chilly outside here in Western Montana, so it seemed only appropriate that we honor the change in weather with a post celebrating cuddly fall clothes. Cue the scarves, socks, and sweaters.

All week long I have been one day behind. This is what happens when you do not get back into town until almost midnight Monday night. My work week may have started on Tuesday, but it was Monday in my mind. So I suppose I should not be so surprised that Wednesday came and went without me being together enough to put out the weekly Pinterest Wednesday blog post. So instead here it is. . . 24 hours late.

In the last couple of years, as my life transitioned from 9am classes, study breaks, and coffee shop outings to the rigors of the working world, my style has also transformed. I used to wake up late, ready to take on the day in a cute outfit, or if I wasn’t feeling it I could always fall back on sweats. Everyone else in class was showing up looking ready for a pajama party, so why should I attempt any kind of style unless I was feeling so inclined?

Lately however, with a professional job that has me out of bed at 6 every morning (or 6:30 depending on how many times I hit snooze) the yoga pant fallback option is no longer an option. Neither is taking an hour to get ready in the morning. I have found a happy medium, lets call it the “fall uniform”. My daily work outfits nearly always follow this theme: dress or skirt, blouse or sweater (or both), tights, wool socks, boots. The formula is simple enough to pull off with bleary 6 am eyes stumbling from my bed, and still looks professional without fault. Add a scarf or some jewelry and I am really killing it. Luckily for me, my uniform seems to jive pretty well with popular style this season. It is nice to mix it up periodically though, so below you will find some of my favorite fall fashion picks from Pinterest. And yes, many of them do diverge from my uniform. Thats what weekends are for.

The Whole Look:

Elle MacphersonTartan from Atlantic-Pacific’s Blog, Pac Sun Styling, From Rose A La Mode, Alexander Wang

Fancy Fall Footwear:

Plumo Socks, Free People Boots, LoafersWool Socks/Brown BootsBoot Socks

Toppers and Scarves:

Giant ScarfA Funny DuoPunchy Orange Scarf, Black Felt Hat, Great Knit Hat 

For even more inspiration you can check out the full Fall Fashion board.


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