Just belt it {DIY}



[Mile high DIY club]

I made a belt to match a specific shirt and it was surprisingly easy! And cheap! While a bit more time-intensive than planned, the compliments I got on it from a few strangers made it worth the effort. I’d love to show you the finished product and share a couple how-to tips, too.

For my day job, I worked at our annual conference that was held in Alaska this year. We had shirts made for all attendees and they had a fun bright green Northern Lights graphic on them. I wanted to add a little pizazz to my black long sleeve + dark skinny jeans outfit I had planned, so I created my “aurora belt” to match the Aurora Borealis design.

The picture above is pretty self-expanitory, but I do have to say that the more colors and more complicated the pattern, the more time you’ll spend wrapping DMC floss around your belt.

Luckily, I had time to kill on our flight, plus a couple days of intermittent crafting (when not gazing out the windows to view gorgeous scenery) while my boss drove our rental RV (!) from Anchorage to Chena Hot Springs Resort.


[Brainstorming other ways I can incorporate this skinny belt into my wardrobe. Maybe cinch around my waist, with a shirt dress or sweater dress?]

I didn’t think ahead to figure out a way to “end” the belt. Luckily, I had packed a bottle of clear nail polish with me for the trip. Applying that directly to the inside end of the belt, and pressing the last few “wraps” of floss into the polish, plus applying a top coat, seemed to do the trick.


[Fun sparkly bits of silver DMC floss — sort of like stars at night!]

This has inspired me to make other accessories to jazz up existing items in my fall wardrobe to make some old outfits feel new.

Thinking of making your own custom belt? I’d love to see what you come up with; please share links to pics in the comments field below!


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