Just belt it {DIY}



[Mile high DIY club]

I made a belt to match a specific shirt and it was¬†surprisingly¬†easy! And cheap! While a bit more time-intensive than planned, the compliments I got on it from a few strangers made it worth the effort. I’d love to show you the finished product and share a couple how-to tips, too.

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No Smoking Please

BY ALEXWe have been trapped in a cloud of smoke for the past month here in Missoula.

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{Friday Links} Have a fun weekend


[Glacier taste test during kayak trip in Alaska. Tee hee hee.]

What are you doing this weekend? Alex and I are planning to hit up the Missoula farmer’s market. Might have to take a detour during our bike ride downtown, as the UM homecoming parade is also tomorrow morning.

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Different ways to wear riding boots

Hey everyone, Ashley here. While I’m out of town (and away from my laptop for the majority of the time), I’ve scheduled a few posts, including this guest blog post from my fashionista sister, pictured above. Hope you enjoy! And without further adeiu, here’s Emily …

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