Pinterest Wednesdays: Brights and Neons


I am admittedly a basics girl. Most of the colors in my wardrobe range from gray to black with a bit of white thrown in. Lately though, with fall fast approaching and the promise of many cloudy days and early nights ahead, I am thinking that the neon trend might be on to something. Thought I am not a complete bright colors virgin (I have what my mother has deemed a “hunter’s orange” Kate Spade bag that I haul everywhere) I still approach it sparingly. Below are a few of my pinterest favorites that take bright colors and crazy combinations to the next level.

An adorable Lululemon running tank.

Fun and colorful chandeliers for the home.

The multicolored market in Morocco.

Or a cool cocktail that glows under the blacklights.

Want more? Visit my Bold and Bright board.

Thanks to Vesper Fawkes, Miranda Studstill, Caitlin Dudey, and Dominique Munsie for the pinspiration. (These pins came from them.)


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