What I’m {eating} right now


As Alex mentioned yesterday, we’re not cooking a whole lot right now. We only have a tiny A/C unit in the living room and because we have a gas stove (also tiny — but that’s another story), the pilot lights tend to keep the kitchen nice and toasty. I’m sure we’ll appreciate that come winter, but at this moment, it’s a bit H-O-T in there. So, I’ve been concocting meals that use the stove top as little as possible. Here’s a recent fav that my friend Brit told me about.

This is not only a heat-free salad, but it’s also quick to put together and the ingredients are cheap and easy to come by.

  • Broccoli
  • Apple
  • Mixed nuts
  • Dried cranberries
  • Honey greek yogurt (I tried this with vanilla and preferred the honey version.)

…chop it all up and toss! (As in, mix it together. Not into the garbage.)  But otherwise, that’s it.

Here are some more summer salads on Pinterest. I’m also curious… How does the changing weather affect your meal preparation? Anything you like to eat especially when it gets hot out? Aside from ice cream, of course. :)


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