What you do today…

“What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”

– unknown


DIY ombre: Curtain, curtain, on the wall…


Living in a 100+ year old home lends a sense of character to your surroundings. It also comes with its fair share of quirks. One of those being that the windows aren’t “standard” sizes and accordingly, curtains that are reasonably-priced, not to mention match your decor, are nearly impossible to come by.

So, after seeing ombre on everything from clothes to hair to fingernails these past few months, I wanted to bring the trend into our apartment a la custom curtains for the bathroom.

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Hello there.

We’re Alex and Ashley, the bloggers upstairs. Though our friendship has already lasted through many pairs of running shoes, we only recently became roommates and bloggers when we moved into our tiny upstairs apartment in Missoula, Montana. Join us as we muddle through our 20’s living in this 100+ year-old house.

Hey everyone. It’s Alex. I spend my weekdays as a nonprofit fundraiser and my nights and weekends hopping from activity to activity. Whether it is mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, or rafting, you will find me outside, often accompanied by the boyfriend, taking advantage of a flexible work schedule and all Montana has to offer. While I will be serving up a monthly foodie column, it’s called the “Uncomfortable Cook” for a reason (the kitchen is not my normal stomping ground), all of this boils down to me just living life and trying to make it all work here in Missoula.

Ashley here. I also work for a nonprofit, but as a magazine editor and website guru, while also growing my freelance design business. I like to keep busy and dabble in everything from running to crafting to trying to keep up with the tech and design world. I also hang out with a great guy named Nate and my fat cat, Oscar, that may make an occasional appearance on the blog (the furry guy always seems to get in the middle of my craft projects).

What do we promise to offer you? The traditional lifestyle blog with a small-town Montana twist.

  • A monthly fashion or decor related DIY post by Ashley
  • An experimental cooking post brought to you each month by Alex
  • “What I’m ___ Right Now” posts highlighting our thoughts/ feelings/ and current obsessions
  • Pinterest Wednesdays — need we say more?
  • A weekly link wrap-up. Because who doesn’t like YouTube videos?
  • And whatever else we feel like talking about!